Graduate Institutional Student Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of a graduate program of study, the student will earn a postbaccalaureate degree and/or additional certification, and will evidence the university graduate institutional student learning goals as follows:

  • Goal # 1: Knowledge
    Learning Outcome: Gain in-depth knowledge, competency, and mastery in field of study through academic and professional experiences.
  • Goal #2: Scholarly Inquiry
    Learning Outcome: Engage in academic research that includes scholarly inquiry for evidence-based practice and knowledge integration.
  • Goal #3: Communication
    Learning Outcome: Apply clear and effective oral, written, and technological communication skills appropriate to engagement with general and specialized audiences.
  • Goal #4: Ethical Leadership
    Learning Outcome: Self-identify as leaders who follow the highest standards of ethics and of the professional field.
  • Goal #5: GCU/Mercy Integration
    Learning Outcome: Integrate Mercy core values and advocacy related to the Mercy Critical Concerns.