Bridge General Education Program: Requirements

The BRIDGE General Education Program (48–49 credits):

First Year Seminar
GEN101Pathway to the Bridge 12
Academic Writing
EN111Academic Writing and Research I (its equivalent, or another approved course)3
Quantitative Analysis
Select 3-4 credits of Quantitative Analysis3-4
Cornerstone Course
GEN199WI:Discovering Self in the Universe 23
Content Knowledge Areas
Select 11 courses from the following areas:34
Social Sciences (2 courses from different Social Science disciplines)
Modern Language; Culture; Global Studies
Natural Sciences (4 credits)
Visual and Performing Arts
Religious Studies
Women's and Gender Studies
Capstone Course
GEN400WI:Visioning a Future3
Experiential Learning (two are required; one of these is in GEN400)
WI:Visioning a Future (includes service learning)
Select one of the following:
Service learning project 3
Internship/practicum/field experience
Approved education abroad experience
Approved research experience
Total Credits48-49