Bridge General Education Program: Requirements

The BRIDGE General Education Program (48–49 credits):

First Year Seminar
GEN101Pathway to the Bridge 12.0
Academic Writing
EN111Academic Writing and Research I (its equivalent, or another approved course)3.0
Quantitative Analysis
Select 3-4 credits of Quantitative Analysis3.0-4.0
Cornerstone Course
GEN199WI:Discovering Self in the Universe 23.0
Content Knowledge Areas
Select 11 courses from the following areas:34.0
Social Sciences (2 courses from different Social Science disciplines)
Modern Language; Culture; Global Studies
Natural Sciences (4 credits)
Visual and Performing Arts
Religious Studies
Women's and Gender Studies
Capstone Course
GEN400WI:Visioning a Future3.0
Experiential Learning (two are required; one of these is in GEN400)
WI:Visioning a Future (includes service learning)
Select one of the following:
Service learning project 3
Internship/practicum/field placement
Approved global education experience
Approved research experience
Total Credits48.0-49.0

Requirement only for first time in college students (see definition of first time in college student in admissions section of catalog).


Students entering GCU with 45 or more credits will be waived from GEN199 WI:Discovering Self in the Universe but may take the course as an elective.


In a course other than GEN101 Pathway to the Bridge or GEN400 WI:Visioning a Future