Writing Program

The mission of the GCU Writing Program is to build a community of writers who value the benefits of writing for thinking, learning, communicating, and publishing in academic courses, in careers, and in life.

The GCU Writing Program meets the following institutional student learning goals

  • Communicate effectively in written and spoken English
  • Apply critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills

GCU Writing Program Goals

Through first-year writing courses, a Writing Intensive program, and the Writing Center, the GCU Writing Program

  • provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to explore topics, research, draft, and produce writing assignments that meet learning goals and outcomes for developmental and first-year writing courses and that help prepare them for writing in other academic courses and for their careers;
  • provides faculty with strategies and resources for integrating writing for thinking, learning, communicating, and publishing into their general education, major, and elective and graduate courses; and
  • provides all members of the GCU community with support as they create and produce written and spoken work for courses and careers.

The Writing Center

Conveniently located on the first floor of the library, the Writing Center is a free service open to any member of the GCU community. The center is open Monday through Saturday during the fall and spring semesters with limited availability during winter and summer sessions. Appointments are typically scheduled in advance, but walk-ins are welcome. Visit http://www.georgian.edu/writing-center/ to book a face-to-face or virtual appointment. Sessions are booked for an hour or half hour. Contact writingcenter@georgian.edu or 732-987-2362 for further assistance. Please bring a copy of your assignment and any associated drafts.

Lifelong Learning

The mission of the Writing Center is to enrich the lives of our students by reinforcing their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Because effective writing is a foundational skill for college life and beyond, the center provides one-on-one consultation between tutors and writers. Students are also encouraged to visit with non-academic writing projects. All tutoring focuses on writing skills in the English language.

Personalized Instruction

The Writing Center provides customized and personalized tutoring for individual students, according to their unique needs. Students are welcome to visit as often as they wish. The center also provides assistance with preparing for the Praxis Core. English language learners are also welcome and can visit to practice their skills. Finally, the Writing Center collaborates with faculty, so tutors visit classrooms to offer workshops on various aspects of writing.

Comprehensive Process

Our experienced peer and professional tutors assist students at all stages of the writing process, from selecting a topic to crafting an effective argument. Tutors offer instruction on grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. They also help students organize their ideas, integrate research sources, and revise their papers. Finally, tutors help students learn stylesheets such as APA, CMS, and MLA.