Academic Programs

Students are responsible for satisfying all general education and program requirements. General education requirements are determined by the student’s date of matriculation.

Requirements for a major, minor, certificate, track, or concentration are determined by the date on which the program was declared by the student. For students who enter GCU with a selected program or programs, the date of matriculation will be taken as the date of declaration. For a program that has specific admission requirements that the student must satisfy, the date on which the student was admitted into the program will be taken as the date of declaration.

If changes are made to the general education requirements or to the requirements of a program, and if those changes would be advantageous, the student may petition the director of the program to be allowed to satisfy the new requirements.

Students in a program that must satisfy external accreditation/certification requirements may have to follow program requirements different from those in effect at the date of declaration.

Students who stop attending Georgian Court and then apply for readmission are subject to the policy for general education requirements for returning students under the Bridge General Education Program. If a student leaves Georgian Court University and returns within five years into the same program, the student’s previous progress chart will be reissued and the original date of declaration will be observed. If the student reapplies under a new major or returns after five years, the readmission date will be taken as the date of declaration.

When reviewing academic programs and courses, please note the following standard conventions in use throughout the catalog:

  • A number in parentheses [i.e. (3), (12)] refers to number of credits.
  • Courses are typically 3 hours lecture format unless otherwise noted.
  • Courses are typically one semester unless otherwise noted.
  • Courses are typically offered once per year (fall or spring) or every semester unless otherwise noted.