Tuition & Fees


Type Charge
Tuition for Student Teaching (12 credits) $16,754.00 per semester
Graduate Accelerated Education $17,644.00 per semester
Master’s Degree, Certificate & Certification Programs in Education $712.00 per credit
Master's Degrees & Certificate Programs in Arts & Sciences $915.00 per credit
Doctor of Psychology $993.00 per credit
M.B.A. & Certificate Programs in Business $737.00 per credit
Master's Degree in Communication & Digital Marketing $737.00 per credit
Auditing 1/3 of tuition
General Fee
Comprehensive Fee (full-time) $506.00 per semester
Comprehensive Fee (part-time) $259.00 per semester
Special Fees
Returned Check Fee $56.00 per check
Late Payment Fee $60.00
Graduation Fee $169.00
Late Registration Fee $28.00
Change of Schedule Fee $17.00
Parking Fee Full year: $198.00 + tax. Half year: $98.00 + tax. Summer only: $12.00 + tax.
Mandatory Accident Insurance (full-time students) Full year: $130.00. Spring only: $65.00
Transcript Fee (per request) $18.00
Late Graduation Application Fee $56.00

The charges listed will be in effect for the 2021–2022 academic year. Georgian Court University reserves the right to change its schedule of tuition, fees, and refunds policies at any time.