Admission Requirements & Procedures for Nonmatriculating Students

A nonmatriculating student is a person who is taking courses to achieve special professional goals or personal enrichment. Nonmatriculating students may take up to 6 credits. Admission procedures for nonmatriculation are as follows:

  1. Complete the application for admission.
  2. Submit a check or money order for $40 (nonrefundable) made payable to Georgian Court University.
  3. Provide an official transcript showing receipt of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university to document eligibility for graduate study. This documentation must be provided prior to approval for nonmatriculating status.
  4. Submit $250 (nonrefundable) tuition deposit.

Note: Nonmatriculating students who later choose to apply for matriculation should be aware that credits taken prior to matriculation may not be applicable to current program requirements.

All students are required to complete the student health form prior to class attendance and/or entry into residence halls. Failure to comply will result in the student being placed on “health hold.” (Former students or those with name changes: please contact the Office of Health Services to update health records.)