Classification of Graduate Students


Matriculating students are those who have been formally admitted to the institution and have confirmed their intention to enroll in a certificate, certification, or degree program. Matriculated students may attend classes on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Conditionally Admitted

Conditionally admitted students are those who have been admitted to a graduate program, contingent upon the successful completion of one or more requirements stipulated by the specific program or graduate admissions. Conditionally admitted students must complete all the conditions established by the program before they may assume fully matriculated status. For purposes of financial aid, conditionally admitted students are not eligible for federal aid until all conditions are met.

Nonmatriculating (Nondegree, Noncertificate, Noncertification)

Nonmatriculating students are those who are taking courses to achieve special professional goals or personal enrichment. Nonmatriculating students may take up to six credits and may later choose to apply for matriculation, but should be aware that credits taken prior to matriculation may not be applicable to current program requirements.

Full-Time Status

Full-time graduate students are those who are enrolled in at least nine semester hours of graduate courses per semester during the regular academic semester or at least six semester hours of graduate courses during the summer term.

Online Students

Online students are those who are enrolled in a program of study identified by the university as an online program.