Graduate Assistantship Program

The Graduate Assistantship Program offers tuition remission to assist graduate students in funding their education while using skills they have already acquired in identified areas of Georgian Court University’s operation. Only matriculated graduate students who have been accepted in a degree or certificate program are eligible to participate in the Graduate Assistantship Program. Special consideration may also be given to nonmatriculated students who require a semester of prerequisites for their approved program. A letter of acceptance and recommendation must be received from the dean of the specified school.

Semester Graduate Assistants work 135 hours per semester (approximately 9-10 hours per week for 14 weeks) for which they receive tuition remission for one three-credit course per semester. The student is responsible for all fees in excess of the 3-credit tuition remission.

Full-Year Graduate Assistants work 1,000 hours per 12-month period (approximately 20 hours per week) for which they receive tuition remission for a total of 24 credits per year (9 credits in the fall, 9 credits in the spring, and 6 credits in the summer), and a $100 stipend per month (September–August). The student is responsible for all fees above and beyond the 24 credits of tuition remission per year.

Courses subject to tuition waivers would be only those courses applicable to the student’s matriculated graduate degree program, unless authorized otherwise. If a graduate student wishes to enroll in a course that is not a part of the degree program, in which the student is matriculated, the student shall be fully responsible for the payment of tuition for the course.

To apply for a graduate assistantship, you must be a graduate student or a prospective matriculating graduate student, unless approval has granted for prerequisites from the dean of the school. To apply for a graduate assistantship, please contact the Office of Career Services.

A prospective student may apply for a graduate assistantship at the same time as applying for admission. However, the applicant cannot be employed as a graduate assistant before being accepted as a matriculated graduate student, or nonmatriculated due to required prerequisites. Although there is no application deadline, graduate assistantships are filled on a “first-come, first-served” basis by applicants whose skills most closely match the needs of the Georgian Court University office or department requiring assistance.

The duties and responsibilities of the graduate assistant are generally of a professional or quasi-professional nature. Graduate assistants may be assigned a wide range of responsibilities, including research, administrative work, and other assignments in selected areas.

If a graduate assistant resigns or terminates prior to the end of the appointment, the student is liable, on a prorated basis, for the payment of all tuition and fees applicable to the semester in which the resignation or termination occurs. Medical conditions, family emergencies, or other emergencies will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The performance of the graduate assistant will be evaluated on a schedule and according to criteria established by the department in which the student works. An unsatisfactory performance evaluation is grounds for termination of the assistantship.