Integrative Health, Minor

The integrative health minor and integrative health certificate program were developed as a response to the changing health perspective in Western culture. The courses are designed to provide a profile of the integrative paradigm from philosophical, historical and methodological viewpoints. These concepts readily support other disciplines such as education, psychology, social work, gerontology, religion, business, and biology. For both the minor and certificate program, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits in integrative health and 1 credit of PE300 Tai Chi, PE305 Yoga, or PE310 Chi Kung for Stress Reduction.

Students who minored in Integrative Health (or earned the undergraduate level certificate) will be placed in advanced standing as they begin their M.A. in Integrative Health program at GCU. A 3- to 6-credit course waiver (one elective course and/or HH515 Holistic Stress Management) can be granted based on their academic standing.