Maximum Time Frame for Program Completion

Federal regulations specify that the maximum time frame during which a student is expected to finish an undergraduate program and receive Title IV funds may not exceed 150 percent of the published length of the program. Thus, an undergraduate is allowed a maximum of 180 credit hours to complete degree requirements. Unless the student can provide documentation of a graduation date of two semesters or less at the time of the appeal, federal financial assistance for undergraduate work will not be extended beyond this time frame.

Transfer students who are considered in good academic standing from the previous schools attended will be eligible for federal Title IV funds. Transfer credits will also be included in the maximum time frame.

Students who leave GCU while not maintaining SAP and attend another institution may appeal for reinstatement of eligibility. These appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be based on the number of hours taken and the GPA earned from the other institution.

Graduate students will be ineligible for aid if they do not meet their degree objectives after carrying the maximum number of credit hours listed below (whether or not they have received aid for all terms):

Classification Total Attempted Hours Including Transfer Credit Ratio of Completed Hours to Attempted Hours
Undergraduate (Students working on their first baccalaureate degree) 180 credit hours 66%
Graduate & Professional 100 hours beyond bachelor's degree 66%