Adjustment of Financial Aid

All financial aid awards from Georgian Court University are based upon information provided by the applicant and are subject to revisions and/or cancellations due to changes in federal, state, or institutional regulations or policies; changes to the applicant’s expected family contribution; receipt of additional financial aid; receipt of VA educational benefits; or an error made in the calculation of eligibility or calculation of any award by the university or donor. Georgian Court University reserves the right to correct clerical or computational errors that may result in an over award or under award or to adjust a financial aid award. Financial aid awards will be adjusted for changes in enrollment status. New Jersey TAG awards are not made to part-time students. The student is responsible for any balance created due to a change in the student’s award or changes in enrollment status. Adding a class or classes that results in additional charges requires the student to notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing if they wish to increase their Direct Stafford Loan amount. The Office of Financial Aid cannot add additional loans without the student’s consent. Additional charges added to a student’s bill must be paid in full within five days. Balances that result from enrollment status changes must be paid within five days.