Our Core Values

As an institution sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Georgian Court University is committed to the following guiding principles:

Respect: We reverence the dignity of all persons and all life as gifts of God and strive to promote community in our world. Choosing to accept what may be perceived as different without passing judgment—choosing to appreciate social and cultural differences as strengths that enable people to work together.

Integrity: We believe that fidelity to moral principles, honesty, and sincerity are the basis of trustworthiness in all encounters. Choosing to be true and honest in all circumstances, living one’s highest version of self—choosing to base one’s actions on a consistent set of principles and values at all times.

Justice: We believe ordering of right relationships with all persons and all creation is fundamental to our advocacy for structures that protect the vulnerable. Choosing to be a catalyst for social justice to ensure that all human beings are treated respectfully and equally—choosing peace for myself and the world.

Compassion: We embrace the joys and sorrows of others to whom and with whom we minister and are moved to action in solidarity with the human community. Choosing to listen with an open heart, empathize with others, and perform acts of kindness that alleviate suffering—choosing to aid the planet and others’ needs.

Service: We joyfully extend our energy and resources on behalf of the poor, sick, and uneducated, working to relieve misery and address its causes where possible. Choosing to act when a need is perceived by using one’s skills, ingenuity, and experience to create benefit—choosing to accept that in life we are all servers and served.

These values are the roots from which Georgian Court University activities, decisions, and behaviors flow.