Statement on Our Special Concern for Women

Georgian Court University, a Catholic institution founded by the Sisters of Mercy, is committed to the equality of women in all facets of society, to the full development of women’s abilities, and the generous outpouring of women’s influences and contributions in the world. Women’s knowledge, leadership, and engagement are critical in creating a vibrant culture, just society, and healthy global environment.

GCU’s special concern for women gives life to the ideals of justice, compassion, and excellence by educating both women and men to be informed, active citizens of a dynamic and complex world. GCU aims to graduate students who incorporate creativity, thoughtful discernment, and care for all of creation in their personal and professional lives.

Women’s equality issues are integrated into the curriculum—undergraduate and graduate—in student/faculty research, and in student life. As a result, Georgian Court teaches women and men about the importance of an equitable society where women are valued, treated with respect, and enjoy the same fiscal and leadership opportunities as their male counterparts.

The university ensures access to transformative educational experiences where students cultivate balanced, informed, productive, forward-thinking leadership skills. By placing women’s success at the center of the mission, GCU underscores the pivotal role that women play in global change.