Math Lounge

The Math Lounge is the mathematics-specific tutoring center for all students with varying needs. We offer professional and peer tutoring for levels starting from the Skills Development level to the highest level of mathematics at GCU. The lounge is equipped with three professional tutors and varying amounts of peer tutors with multiple math course tutoring abilities along with some science and computer science experience. Each tutor is required to meet certain standards for employment to be eligible to tutor for sessions as minimal as 20 minutes ranging to a maximum of one hour. The Math Lounge also has updated mathematical technology to assist in the learning experience including computer software, graphing calculators, and visual assist boards ideal for group learning. Texts from the various levels of mathematics are also available at the lounge for reference along with other items for supplemental learning of various mathematical concepts. Students who utilize the Math Lounge can make appointments or come by as a walk-in. For scheduling the tutor of your choice (you can see the tutors’ credentials), a student can go to