Pre-Professional Career Prep

Pharmacy and Physical Therapy

Georgian Court University and University of the Sciences (Philadelphia) or University of Saint Joseph (Connecticut) Dual-Degree Programs

Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biochemistry from GCU and a doctoral degree from the University of the Sciences (Philadelphia) in pharmacy or physical therapy, or from the University of Saint Joseph (Connecticut) in pharmacy, in seven years after high school. For details about eligibility and coursework requirements, refer to “Preparation for Careers in Engineering, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy” in this catalog.

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary, or Pre-Pharmacy

Students may major in chemistry or biochemistry. The students are required to take courses recommended by the professional school of their choice, as part of their curriculum. The professional school admission test such as MCAT, DAT, VCAT, or PCAT, should be taken during the junior year.