Law Enforcement & Corrections, Minor

Minor Requirements

CJ111The Criminal Justice System3.0
CJ210Introduction to Law Enforcement3.0
or CJ212 Introduction to Corrections
Any two 300-level Law Enforcement and Corrections courses6.0
Any other two Law Enforcement and Corrections courses6.0
Total Credits18.0

Law Enforcement and Corrections Courses

CJ167Race, Ethnicity & Criminal Justice3.0
CJ210Introduction to Law Enforcement (if also taking CJ212 as a minor requirement)3.0
CJ231Juvenile Justice3.0
CJ301Cyber Security & GIS3.0
CJ302Cyber Crime3.0
CJ343Criminal Investigation3.0
CJ398Selected Topics in Criminal Justice (dependent on semester, and when designated as concentration course by dept. chair)3.0
CJ401Sex Crimes3.0
CJ410Independent Research in Criminal Justice (dependent on research topic; dept. chair approval required)1.0
IH335Integrative Stress Management & Health3.0
PO211American National Government3.0
PO221State & Local Government in America3.0
PS320Forensic Psychology3.0
PS321Criminal Profiling3.0