Dance, Minor

Minor Sequence

The dance minor is a 21-credit minimum. It is geared toward the entering first-year student with intermediate technical skills, who wishes to major in another discipline while studying dance. The required courses are:

DA100Dance Essentials & Wellness3.0
DA150Dance Improvisation2.0
DA201History of Dance3.0
DA221Ballet II 12.0
DA231Contemporary Movement Practice 2 22.0
DA250Choreography I3.0
DA280Kinesiology & Experiential Anatomy3.0
Any dance technique course or dance elective3.0
Total Credits21.0

DA221 Ballet II has a prerequisite of DA121 Ballet I or permission of the instructor.


DA231 Contemporary Movement Practice 2 has a prerequisite of DA131 Contemporary Movement Practice 1 or permission of the instructor.