USA and the World, Minor

Minor Sequence

In an increasingly global and interconnected world, the USA and the World minor offers students the opportunity to learn about the U.S. role and American encounters in the world. The program emphasizes modern and transnational history and examines America within a global context. Pedagogically, the program emphasizes interactive teaching and discussion rather than lectures—and will sharpen students’ writing, research, speaking, and critical thinking skills. The minor will prepare students for graduate school and global citizenship and for professional careers in international business, international agencies, NGOs, diplomacy, homeland security, military service, law, government, public service, and teaching.

A minimum of 18 credits is required for the USA and the World minor. At least half of the required courses must be taken at Georgian Court University; 12 credit hours must be earned in 300-/400-level courses. History majors seeking the USA and the World minor may count HST120 World History Survey I or HST121 World History Survey II, HST300 Historian's Craft, and HST475 History Seminar (but not other history courses) toward the minor and major. For more information or approval of a course that is not currently listed, contact Dr. Scott H. Bennett.

Required Courses
HST300Historian's Craft3.0
Select 15 credits from the following:15.0
World History Survey I
or HST121
World History Survey II
Gandhi & King
America & the World Since 1898
Vietnam & America
U.S. & 9/11 Wars & Era
Atlantic World 1400-1850
Internship in History 1
History Seminar
Total Credits18.0

With approval and if served in an international institution, agency, or office.