Ethics, Minor

The minor in ethics educates students about the Mercy core values. It encourages them to take actions that accord with those values in their lives and careers, and to promote policies that accord with them in the wider society.

Minor Sequence

Students minoring in ethics are required to take 15 semester hours of credit in ethics courses. Students may "double-count" the course they take to fulfill the General Education ethics requirement (including BU319) toward completion of the minor. Students may also "double-count" courses used for the ethics minor with those used to fulfill the requirements of another academic program.  

Theological Ethics. Choose one of the following:3
Theological Ethics
Social Justice Ethics
Philosophical Ethics. Choose one of the following:3
Philosophical Ethics
Select three of the following (must be from at least two disciplines):9
Business & Professional Ethics
Philosophical Ethics
Theology of Creation
Theological Ethics
Social Justice Ethics
Media Law & Ethics
International Human Rights Law
Global Justice & Law
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
Ethics & Foundations of Incl & SpEd
Rebels & Radicals in U.S. History
Gandhi & King
Environmental Sustainability
Globalization & Sustainability
Foundations of Social Work
Total Credits15