Leadership, Minor

The minor in the Leadership program provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective on leading in organizations. The 18-credit minor combines classes in leadership, communications, diversity, and ethics to challenge the student in today’s dynamic world. The minor develops essential skills and knowledge on leadership by examining both theories and practice. The culmination of the minor results in the capstone course with a practical leadership project developed by the student and the instructor.  

Minor Sequence

The 18-credit minor requires six credits in leadership, three credits in ethics, three credits in communication, and six credits in diversity.  Up to two three-credit courses (six credits total) may double-count for a student's major, other minor, or general education requirements and the leadership minor.

Introduction to Leadership
Seminar in Leadership
Select one of the following:
Business & Professional Ethics
Media Law & Ethics
Social Justice Ethics
Select one of the following:
Managerial Communications
Public Speaking
Intercultural Communication
Organizational Communication
Select two of the following from different disciplines:
Cultural Anthropology
Women & Work
or WS370
Women & Work
Women's Leadership Styles
or WS318
Women's Leadership Styles
Business & Sustainability
Race, Ethnicity & Criminal Justice
International Human Rights Law
Global Justice & Law
Mass Media & Social Issues
African American History
Gandhi & King
Globalization & Sustainability
Family Systems
Human Rights & Social Justice
Total Credits18