Admission for a Second Baccalaureate Degree

Students who hold a baccalaureate degree from GCU or another accredited institution may pursue a second baccalaureate degree at Georgian Court University. A minimum of 30 credit hours of the curriculum requirements must be completed at GCU, including one of the following courses: WS311, any course satisfying the General Education religious studies or ethics requirement, or GEN400. Students must satisfy the existing policy for transfer students, except that no additional coursework in General Education will be required for the second degree, other than the 3 credits described in the preceding sentence.

If the student seeking a second baccalaureate degree holds a bachelor’s degree from GCU, the following points apply:

  1. The student must earn a minimum of 30 Georgian Court credits beyond the credits previously earned as part of the first bachelor’s degree.
  2. The student must satisfy all of the major requirements in effect at the time of matriculation for the second degree.
  3. No additional credits in General Education beyond those required for the first degree will be required for the second degree. However, the student may choose to take additional General Education credits as part of the credits required for the second degree. The student would not be held to any new General Education requirements.
  4. This policy does not authorize the awarding of two baccalaureate degrees simultaneously since GCU undergraduates have the option of pursuing a double major.
  5. There is no merit aid available for a student seeking a second bachelor's degree.