Classification of Undergraduate Students

First time in college students are those who are traditional first-year students, earned college credits in high school, or earned an associate degree while in high school. As such, all students in these categories will be required to complete GEN101 Pathway to the Bridge and GEN199 WI:Discovering Self in the Universe.

Transfer students are those who accumulated 24 or more transferable credits after high school completion and before matriculating to GCU. Students who have not accumulated 24 transferable credits after completing high school and before matriculating to GCU will be considered first-year (first time in college) students.

Matriculating students are those who have been formally admitted to the institution and have confirmed their intention to enroll in a certificate, certification, or degree program. Matriculated students may attend classes on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Nonmatriculating (nondegree, noncertificate, noncertification) students are those who are taking courses to achieve special professional goals or personal enrichment. Nonmatriculating students may later choose to apply for matriculation but should be aware that credits taken prior to matriculation may not be applicable to current program requirements.

Online students are those who are enrolled in a program of study identified by the university as an online program.