PACT (Performance Assistance Through Coaching & Tutoring)

PACT is a mandatory program of support for first-year students, who are identified for PACT based on their academic credentials prior to entering Georgian Court. PACT is designed to improve students’ transition to the university environment through support from their PACT coaches. Students are accepted into the PACT program based on application and supplemental data, such as high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Students accepted into PACT are accepted to Georgian Court University on the condition of participation in the PACT program for one academic year.

  1. Students accepted under PACT must attend a PACT orientation during regular New Student Orientation. During this time, students will meet their PACT coaches and schedule their weekly appointment times.
  2. Students accepted under PACT have the following mandatory requirements of two hours per week for one academic year (September–May):
    • Students must attend one scheduled hour per week with a professional PACT coach.
    • Students must choose one hour each week from the following:
      1. Writing Center,
      2. supplemental instruction/peer tutoring,
      3. Math Lounge,
      4. TRIO–SSS counseling, or
      5. EOF counseling, or
      6. Graduate Student Mentoring Program.
    • Students must attend supplemental workshops and events, as required.
      Attendance at sessions will be tracked by PACT coaches, the peer tutor coordinator, and directors of other support services. Reports of attendance will be sent to the Department of Athletics for student-athletes in PACT.
  3. Students with an overall GPA below 2.0 will be evaluated by the Academic Standards Committee at the end of each semester. Compliance with PACT contractual requirements will be one of the factors considered in probation and dismissal decisions.