Readmission of Students

Students who have previously enrolled at Georgian Court University but have not completed their intended degree are welcome to return to the university. Depending on official status prior to departure, time away from the university, and enrollment at other institutions during a break, a student must complete the following steps to be considered for reentry into GCU.

Students who have not taken courses elsewhere, will pursue the same major, and have not been separated from the institution for more than two consecutive main academic terms should contact the Office of the Registrar at 732-987-2228 to subsequently complete a reactivation application.

Students who have not been granted a leave of absence, have taken courses elsewhere, will pursue a different major, or have been separated from the institution for more than two consecutive main academic terms should contact the Office of Admissions at 732-987-2700 to subsequently complete a new application. Official transcripts from college(s) attended during the separation are required.

If a student leaves Georgian Court University and returns within five years into the same program, the student’s previous progress chart will be reissued. If the student changes to a new major or returns after five years, a Bridge General Education Program progress chart is issued and the guidelines below apply.

  • A student who has all the old General Education requirements completed will have all Bridge General Education requirements waived.
  • A student who is missing one to four courses from the old General Education requirements must fulfill the Bridge requirements in religious studies, ethics, women’s and gender studies, GEN400 WI:Visioning a Future, and the Writing Requirement. (The number of courses to be completed will depend upon whether a student has previously completed a GCU course that fulfilled one of these Bridge categories.) Students must also complete the Bridge experiential learning requirement. If the student has taken EN111 Academic Writing and Research I and EN112 Academic Writing and Research II, or EN221 Honors Argument: Rhetoric & Research, or transferred the equivalent courses, the student will have fulfilled the Writing Requirement. All other General Education courses would be waived unless the course is required for the student’s program of study.
  • All other returnees are required to fulfill the Bridge General Education requirements and Writing Requirement in accordance with the policy that applies to transfer students. For students with an associate degree from a New Jersey community college, the block transfer policy will apply.