Anthropology (AN)

AN100  Dialogue & Diversity: Race & Privilege  (1.0 Credits)  

This learning seminar requires active listening and participation in dialogue about race and privilege. Students gain greater cultural self-awareness and demonstrate perspective-taking. Students will pose more complex questions about ethnic, racial, and other communities outside their own experience. This course is cross-listed with WS100.

AN111  Physical Anthro. & Archeology  (3.0 Credits)  

An introduction to the field of physical anthropology. The course begins with a historical overview of evolutionary theory and its impact. The human skeleton, primate behavior, the fossil record and contemporary debates within physical anthropology are explored. The course also examines the politics of race and popular culture as they pertain to physical anthropology.

AN112  Cultural Anthropology  (3.0 Credits)  

An introduction to cultural anthropology. The course looks at the history of anthropology as a discipline and the methods anthropologists use to study culture. Students are introduced to the global range of the kinship and family structures, art, religion, political organization and economics of cultures around the world.

AN220  Selected Topics in Anthropology  (3.0 Credits)  

Gives the student the opportunity to explore the various areas of anthropology in depth. Specific areas of analysis will be based on student interest. The course may be repeated for credit when different topics are offered. Offered on request with permission of instructor.

Prerequisite(s): SO101 or AN111 or AN112.

AN244  City, Suburb, & Society  (3.0 Credits)  

Cities in cross-cultural perspective; an introduction to the field of urban anthropology. Students explore the impact of urbanization and suburbanization on the individual, the family and the community. Students critically examine urban renewal and redevelopment efforts. The history of the suburb is covered in the course, and new research that looks at the impact of the built environment and the politics of space is also examined.

Prerequisite(s): AN112 or permission of instructor.

AN304  Globalization & Sustainability  (3.0 Credits)  

This course addresses how traditional models of development, embraced by all nations of the world, inspire patterns of production and consumption that stand in the way of building a just, sustainable and peaceful world. It addresses the fundamental principles that the human community should pursue to attain a sustainable global society founded on economic justice, respect for nature, and universal human rights. Required for sustainability minor. This course is cross-listed with SO304.

AN312  Native Cultures of North America  (3.0 Credits)  

An historical and contemporary analysis of Native Americans in North America. This course is anthropological in orientation, with an emphasis on the culture and social organization of Indian groups. Some background (SO101, AN111, or AN112), may be helpful.

AN370  Women & Work  (3.0 Credits)  

This course will examine the meaning of paid work in women's lives. Specific topics examined will include: sexual segregation and stratification in the workplace, power and leadership; sexuality at work; gender discrimination; sexual harassment; work-family issues; and stress and health. This course is cross-listed with WS370.