Career Development (CAR)

CAR155  Career Decision Making  (1.0 Credits)  

This course provides students with an understanding of career decision-making and the opportunity to explore their career choices. Students will undergo a rigorous self-assessment and exploration process and learn how to write resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and create professional LinkedIn profiles.

CAR450  Internship Prep & Career Development  (1.0 Credits)  

This course explores the fundamentals of career preparation and leads students through job/internship search: exploring career options, creating a resume, writing a cover letter, generating a list of references, and learning how to network. By the end of this course, students will obtain the necessary tools to begin applying for internships and jobs. Open to all undergraduates with junior or senior status.

CAR452  Career/Life Mgt: Meet Your Future Self  (1.0 Credits)  

This experiential course designed to meet twice a week will provide students with the career/life management skills needed to thrive at home, school and work. Students will be introduced to concepts of contemplative living to establish long and short-term goals. Specifically, they will develop skills in reflection, self-awareness, communication, time management and financial planning, integrating an understanding of the Hidden Rules of Class and the Mercy core values. This will enable them to understand the impact today’s behaviors will have on their long-term desired outcomes.

CAR453  Professional Development & Disability  (2.0 Credits)  

This course prepares students with disabilities and those interested in supporting the employment of people with disabilities in the principles and practices related to career management strategies. Students will learn about disability-related employment history, messaging, legal requirements, policies, and best practices. They will gain experience with career exploration approaches designed to increase a job seeker’s self-confidence, choices, and knowledge of career options, explore accommodation strategies in the workplace, and discuss disability disclosure strategies. Broader workplace skills necessary for career success are also covered.