Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

IDS201  Exploring Interdisciplinary Studies  (3 Credits)  

A study of key ideas of interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on writing research essays in the disciplines. Students will explore their area of concentration as it relates to career. The course will enable students to recognize and analyze works in various disciplines; and to understand and appreciate the role that the humanities play in human culture. This course can be substituted for a research course from the area of concentration.

IDS250  Introduction to African American Studies  (3 Credits)  

This course will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the African American experience – from the Middle Passage/enslavement period through the 21st century. Using various texts and other media sources, we will engage in dialogue on race, ethnicity, and nationality and how if affects the Black community in the United States. We will explore the relationship between “African American” and “Black” identity and the controversy around the interchangeable use of the terms. The students will also learn about the founding of several organizations (e.g., NAACP, SNCC, SCLC, Jack and Jill of America, Black Panther Party, etc.) and their role in constructing the African American experience. Finally, we will examine the movements that shaped Black America (e.g., Black/Afro-American studies protests, the civil rights movement, the Black liberation movement, #BlackLivesMatter, etc.)

Prerequisite(s): EN111 or EN221, SO101, PS111 or PS113, or permission of instructor.

IDS401  Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies  (3 Credits)  

The seminar ranges across the spectrum of human experience, utilizes a variety of theoretical and artistic approaches, and its topics vary from semester to semester. Student are expected to actively engage the material, to present their own research, and to use the class meetings as a forum for thoughtful conversation and their inquiry. Students will write an extended research paper in the area of their concentration and present it to the class. This course may be substituted with a seminar from the area of concentration. Offered on an as-needed basis.

IDS405  Special Studies  (1 Credits)  

An in-depth program of study based on a specific area of interest or an interdisciplinary investigation under the direction of a faculty member. Intended for the advanced student in the interdisciplinary studies program. Offered on application.