Physical Education (PE)

PE106  Fitness Walking  (1.0 Credits)  

Provides students with a lifelong aerobic activity that will not only help weight loss and maintenance but will also develop agility, heighten awareness and increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs.

PE110  Tennis  (1.0 Credits)  

The course is designed for the beginning tennis player. The course content will cover the basic skills, strategy and knowledge of tennis rules and regulations.

PE200  Lifetime Fitness Online Program  (1.0 Credits)  

This course enables students to select activities related to aerobic conditioning and weight training. The exercise program is designed by the student and instructor to meet individual fitness objectives of the student. 2.68 class hours per week, 7 weeks.

PE206  Nordic Pole Walking  (1.0 Credits)  

This course introduces walking poles into the fitness walking program for a total body workout. Use of the poles increases the effectiveness of the cardiovascular system, tones and strengthens the core muscles in the upper body, burns more calories, and improves balance and posture.

PE230  Volleyball  (1.0 Credits)  

The course is designed to teach the beginning or recreational volleyball player the necessary skills used to play recreational volleyball. Application of team strategy and individual skills will be included.

PE300  Tai Chi  (1.0 Credits)  

Tai Chi, an excellent exercise for physical and mental health is meditation in movement and emphasizes the coordination of mind and body. Its fluid and continuous movements stress balance, controlled breathing, and relaxation.

PE305  Yoga  (1.0 Credits)  

Students will learn how to unite the body, mind, and spirit for holistic wellness. The beginning and intermediate yoga postures covered enhance flexibility and balance, increase muscle strength and tone, exercise the spine, release toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system, and increase self-confidence and overall energy.

PE310  Chi Kung for Stress Reduction  (1.0 Credits)  

Through a combination of meditation and gentle movements, Chi Kung not only balances the yin and yang energies in the body, but it also brings together the mind, body and spirit for stress reduction. Students practicing these gentle exercises will be able to remove the energy blocks in the meridians.

PE315  Pilates  (1.0 Credits)  

Pilates is an excellent way to connect the mind and body through a series of controlled movements. It focuses on balance, flexibility, and relaxation.

PE350  Special Topics in Physical Education  (3.0 Credits)  

Special topics not listed in the regular department’s offerings will be offered in response to student interest or to determine student interest.