General Education (GEN)

GEN101  Pathway to the Bridge  (2.0 Credits)  

This course, required of all first time in college students, will develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success at Georgian Court University. Students will gain an understanding of the university’s mission, charism, and heritage. Through a collaborative project, students will execute and reflect on the practices associated with a successful college experience. Enrollment restricted to first time in college students.

GEN199  WI:Discovering Self in the Universe  (3.0 Credits)  

A cornerstone general education course that asks students to explore the Mercy core values of respect and integrity within the framework of commonality, diversity, and symbiosis. Students analyze their identity by investigating the oneness of humanity and the rich complexity of diverse cultures. Students consider, from multiple disciplines, how all of humanity is a part of a much larger story of the universe. It examines the origin and the composition of the universe and humanity’s response to its complexity and fragility, beauty and wonder. In this writing intensive course, students develop questions about what it means to be creative, responsible human beings in today’s integrally connected global society and dynamic universe. The course is designed to be taken in the spring of the first time in college year or, in the case of transfer students, in the first semester at GCU.

Pre/corequisite(s): EN111 or equivalent or EN221.

GEN400  WI:Visioning a Future  (3.0 Credits)  

In light of GCU Mercy core values, this writing intensive capstone course invites students to reflect and analyze how their General Education Program has impacted their understanding of themselves in the world, as well as how their world view has developed. Course readings, service learning, and speakers encourage students to consider key questions of the time. Students contribute toward envisioning the future and humankind’s responsibility in helping to shape that future. This involves questions that have emerged from the General Education Program such as how do we contribute to a more compassionate and just world for humankind and the Earth itself? How do we think about just, healthy, and sustainable ways of living and working on this planet?

Prerequisite(s): Senior status or approval from the director of the General Education Program; GEN199.